Bootloop after running "fastboot flashing lock". Couldn't boot into recovery/fastboot modes

Just got the OP 10 pro today used. While setting up google pay , it claims that device wasn’t certicated. Then i found that the phone was rooted. So I downloaded magisk and uninstalled it in attempt to unrooting the phone. After running the command “fastboot flashing lock” to re-lock bootloader, the phone keeps on rebooting.

Would I be able to recover the phone? When the battery dies, will it fix itself? Pressing volume up/down + power didn’t work.

Video of the bootloop :

Thanks everyone

That doesn’t sound good at all. If you can’t get into bootloader mode or recovery, you might have hard bricked it. Before locking the bootloader, you really needed to do a full factory reset after unrooting the phone and uninstalling Magisk. I’m not sure what you can do at this point but I’ll do a little research. If I find anything I’ll let you know.

Yea my stupidity. After i got the phone, i didn’t know the full condition of it and thought doing the magisk uninstall, and system reset would have returned to its factory conditional