Boo Samsung! Let's talk moto (moto one 5G Ace xt2113-2, to be precise) 👍

So I recently, unfortunately, purchased the moto one 5G from T-Mobile. I didn’t initially realize the different variants and Verizon’s model being completely different as well as the moto one 5G (no Ace) being completely different. Basically, T-Mobile took the original moto one 5G, added a couple gigs of ram and a crap ton of bloatware, named it Ace (codename: Kiev) and loaded it with Dynamic Partitioning, disabling the consumer/user from accessing resize functions on any partition, as best as they could.

So far we’ve got an unofficial TWRP, and have achieved root with Magisk and also a systemrw script that enables access BUT I’m weary about using due to not being familiar with the developer.

My question is I would like to go ahead and try out the Android 11 GSI+GMS, as we barely received the main security update a couple of days ago and don’t have an Android 11 update in the foreseeable future. I also should know that I bought this device outright and it is in fact Network unlocked. I also purchased the T-Mobile Revvl 4+, for more than half off what the 5G Ace costed, and the Revvl 4+ already has Android 11, and received it security patches way earlier but also has been stripped down by T-Mobile so much that you don’t even have the styles option to change accent colors and whatnot. That device however, and developer settings, has the DSU loader option for Android 11 and 12… Even though you can’t access fast food and no one’s been able to find stock firmware or even a definite answer on who really manufactured the device. Therefore there’s no customer recovery for the Revvl 4+, so my instinct says there will be no way to clear the cash there for this DSU loader function on this particular device should have also been stripped but somehow is on there just waiting for someone to break or lock themselves out.
Now back to my device, the Moto One 5G Ace. It does not have a DSU loader option in developer settings but it does have fast food and again custom recovery so it is now bootloader unlocked they’re just aren’t any custom roms yet and it doesn’t look like we’re going to get any but I’m hoping I’m wrong. In the meantime I would like to try this GSI but I’m really curious as to how it will affect or how it will work, including if it will work, with the super imgs in place. Any advice, guidance, help, etc would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Thank you so much to whomever is it has taken the time to read this and to anyone that can offer useful/helpful information :slight_smile: Thank you to everyone! Keep developing and never forget to always be nice to your fellow devs!

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It’s not always the best to go with gsi mainly cuz there is not one spicific way to flash gsi and have it boot perfectly .they’re arnt many proven ways to flash gsi you almost just have to wing it sometime and just see if it boots to be honest .Also. Use treble check from play store