Bluetooth keyboards on Android special android keys


BB code. It has been a couple of years since I used it to any extent and at this point I have forgotten the nuances so I will follow the KISS principle.

Keyboards, Bluetooth Keyboards. I have a few. Lately, I have had to bite the bullet and draw in the loose strings and now using a freedompop moto e phone. Yeah poverty sucks. Anyway when Youtube jumped the payoff to 1000+ subscribers we got hit between the eyes. So, that is why the crappy phone.

But, I do have a nice keyboard to work with it. I am using the original BOW factory issue. this is a later iteration with what seems a larger battery and updated ROM It works well and fits a pocket without too much effort. and is a great comfort and convenience replying and composing text content via the crappy moto phone. Oh, if you have a few seconds please subscribe my Tube. With a 1K subscribers I may soon get something nicer than the moto e.

What I have not been able to locate is a chart or tip on which key or combination of keys would perform the send function. I will make the composition, put everything down and finger poke the green arrow head in the freedompop texting utility or send button in other email and text based browser items.

One handy tip I use often function+right arrow will go to the bottom of the browser page. With the slow phone this has saved me a lot of annoyances.

I would really like to have a keyboard equivalent of that pesky send button too.