Bleach Brave Souls

I was just wondering if anyone else here plays BBS. I’ve been playing it for about 4 years now and only missed maybe around 14 days total. It’s pretty addicting. Lol
If you haven’t played it and enjoy gaming, you should give it a try.
Here’s two of my most broken teams on there. The first team is Beyond Bankai Byakuya, Oni White Ichigo and Beyond Bankai Jushiro. (Left to right)
The second team is Beyond Bankai Shunsui, Artworks Ichigo and Beyond Bankai Retsu. (Left to right)

BBS looks Sic!
Apex has me by the “huevos” pretty hard right now but imma find time to check it out. Nice crew you rollin. “Sir Pups” with the gold crown is ready to get it.

Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

Anthony P
 Bossier City, La.
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