Arrow os 11 flashing to nexus 6

today we will flash android 11 to the Google nexus 6

Steps 1. First backup any and all personal data on phone.

Step 2. Download all nessary files to complete the flash.

Step 3. Install and extract into the downloads folder.

Step 4. Once extracted goto start menu and type cmd to bring up command prompt then open it.

Step 5. Now type cd downloads then hit enter then type cd fastboot then press enter to open a path to adb.

Step plug in your phone to pc ,with power off press volume down and power to enter fastboot mode.

Step 7. Make sure you place your twrp shame 3.4.0 file into the fastboot folder then type fastboot flash recovery (your file name) press enter to flash.

Step 8. Once flashed type fastboot reboot ,then once the screen goes black press volume down and power to enter fastboot mode one again now use volume keys to select recovery hit power to choose it.

Step 9.once twrp boot select keep read only the got to wipe in main menu then format type yes once formated hit home the select reboot then recovery to reboot into recovery to use data again.

Step 10. Now copy files that you downloaded into the phone once copied select data in sd card partition then media it stores your files then do a full wipe , cashes /dalvic cashes/ system/ data.

Step 11. Now select install arrow os then confirm to flash once flash is complete hit home then reselect install then your bitgapps r19 file confirm to flash.

Step 12 .then reboot phone and let phone boot fully and then sign in.

Step 13. (Optional) reboot recovery to install magjsk root or orange fox recovery r11.

Warning :warning: I am not responsible for a brick if u mess up your phone.,:warning::warning::warning: Make sure u know and understand how to flash custom roms before you proceed.

Download links below…’s/MagiskManager-v8.0.0.APK’s/

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