Anyone know any radio app that still uses earphones as antenna?

anyone know of any radio app that still uses headphones i am looking for one ?
so i can use the earphone as an antenna

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Most r wifi apps not sure if have to look

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My FM radio app is a default app on my phone (HUAWEI P10 lite), that uses the headphone as an antenna. But I can’t even find it in the PlayStore to share it with you

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yes sucks now they are all Internet

do you know how to extract apk ? apk extractor on fdroid

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FM_Radio_HUAWEI P10 (5.4 MB)

Let me know if it opened on your phone

didn’t work but thanks for trying

The first time I clicked the link it Canceled, so what I did is I Right clicked on the file, selected ‘open link in new window’. in the drop down menu. It download for a long time but it completed. When I checked my download folder I hade 2 of the same .zip file. It seemed like when it Canceled it did actually download. I Bluetooth it to my phone, that was completed as well.
So what you’re saying is you got the apk FM_Radio file on your phone, opened it but it didn’t work? (4.1 MB)

Try this one, its from my Nokia 5.1 Plus