Annoying message app while using degoogled android

I tried using a rom without googleplay but i constantly get this message in some apps saying how there is no playservices shows up CONSTANTLY driving me crazy anyone know if theres something i can do to get rid of that message ? really want to use my phone degoogled.

Found some info about installing google play services to fool it somehowe but was kinda vague and old.

I also tried other roms same thing happens.

i added a screenshot of one of the apps but the others have the same exact message.

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You can look up other apps to offset the errors on XDA I’m sure

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It is a playservice thing doesnt look like u can do much hence google forces u to use playstore etc

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U can use Aptoide and some others

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What is so special about aptoide compared to other appstores like aurora?

It seems like a run of the mill appstore so i dotn see how it can tackle that annoying message in apps that are dependant on playservices?
or does this app store somehow do something simaler as play services ?

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Lol it was the only one I could remember​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So i found 2 possabilities

  1. firefox 90.0.0 allows u to make app like icon on your homescreen u stil use the website once clicked but u dotn have to first open the browser so in terms of feeling of a regular app very close ofcourse using a app will work better then a wesite but it is as close as you can get. Tried this today works well innof i geuss

  2. microg project- this somehow spoofs info like googleservices honestly i dont quite understand how it works but basicly alow to use apps as normal (u wont get that annoying message i got)while not being dependant of google as this like a opensource version of googles shit pretty interesting.

but again i dont really grasp all of it so i wonder if i am going to be able to install it.
I will try it though since i stil havent fully installed my phone as normal

keep u posted is very promising. Unfortunately, it looks like it is still a work in progress:( But, when completed, it will be a very nice, open source, replacement. Project status page list is quite large.

Just as the microG Project page says, I have watched Google APIs that were once public, disappear to proprietary and not shared. will be worth following, IMHO.

I found the info regarding this microg very confusing as there are several ways of installing it and it is stable and has been for years i believe the guy who started this began in 2011/2012 but then it was called difrent name.

There is also another group called minimicrog which offers packeages of what u need that u can just flash and u have serveral difrent versions some with more stuf and some less. again took me hours of searching before i stumbled upon this by chance.

I flashed magisk succesfully (my firsttime) and u also get the option to flash microg package trough magisk i stil reading araund what is best and difrence between the many difrent installing/flash mehtods before i do it.

Keep u posted


I have flashed microg package using magisk seemed to have worked but it would crash more and more often turns out it needed another gsmcore patch to install afterwards weirdly?

anyway now it works great no more annoying messages because it thinks playstore/google services si on my phone.

using aurora store wich gives acces to all the playstore apps as a apk it works pretty wel however i used the anonomous option where i dont enter a mail adres and as such some apps i need arent showed with my lang pack forexample with one app only one i could choose from come sin spanish/italian/french so maybe gonna try a dummy mail and regristrate it see if it wil show better apps for my region if not the case there exist a cracked playstore wich u also can use.

final thoughts

so far so good i geuss some minor inconvienace but i can maybe fix that just one thing i am keeping a eye out for and that is batterie life it seems worse since install microg could be that or the rom itsself wich acted wonky sometimes since day one.

anyway doesnt matter cause i was trying all these things and rom out once finished i wil go back to the rom i want.

one more note i saw a youtube video where magisk app looked difrent and had more capabilities then the one i have? anyone know anythign about that?

I worked araund this by just loggin with my gmail wich is then using my location i placed to give me my region appropiate apps ergo with my langues pack or english so now it works pretty much like playstore not perfect but very close

Sadly i wanted to make another accaunt but ask for your phone number now apperently bummer cause no way am i giving them my number even though they probally already jhave it hahaha

Theres also noway araund it i have tried all the so called workararaunds dont work.

Batterie life is not good worse even then with regular google playstore.
no idea why ? cant be the rom because i used the rom first without microg and batterie life was crazy good like 6/7 days it claimed wtf i didnt even wait for it eat up like 12 percent a day crazy but this was with low useage ofcourse no playstore and no apps only firefox and its app like shortcut for fave sites. oh and my phone is nearly 4 years old including the batterie…

i dont know if i should make thread on their site about the batterie life ornot i mean batterie life not impressive now despite a lite wieght efficient rom dont know how to feel about that.

Edit: maybe i should try it out installing it in one of half dozen other difrent ways to see if there would be a difrance