Andy 5E Yezz phone, frp bypass

Greetings everyone, I’m here because I love devices, I unlocked my neighbor’s phone and felt good that I did because the person who he sent the phone to before couldn’t unlock it. Now I’m very interested in getting to know more about what makes devices work. However, this area is unexplored for me and I’m glad this site was created to meet others with the same passion I found.
Sorry about that, now about my problem. Before I start taking big gulps at all the knowledge on this site, I would love some assistance with a “Andy 5E Yezz phone” my other neighbor tasked me with (News fly fast in Trinidad and Tobago) . I’ve been trying to get pass the frp but the computer is not identifying the phone, I’ve just been adding drivers and nothing. I would really like some directions

The drivers I’ve downloaded always show a yellow triangle. I’ve downloaded android drivers from different sites, same results

Its actually the “Andy 5E4 Yezz”