Android Pie 9.0 for Galaxy S9/S9 Plus! [Pixel Experience GSI ROM]


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For those of you who want to try out the latest Android Pie 9.0 for your Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, or any Android device that has unlocked bootloader and Project Treble support, you can grab any of the Android 9.0 GSI(Generic System Image) ROMs and get it now instead of waiting for Samsung to update…


Hi Max,
i have just installed the Pixel Experience gsi on my S9. I was very happy, but then I noticed that NFC and WiFi Hotspot dont work. Also sometimes when I lock the phone the phone shutdowns. Am I the only one with these issues?


Hey Max.

I just installed TWRP and tried to flash the Pixel Experience GSI. But it prompts: “Cannot flash images to file systems”

What have I done wrong ??



hey how i can update pphh trebble i have install on my s9+


You can simply flash over without a wipe in TWRP.


Is your phone GSI compatible?


Wow! You took your time to answer me! That’s serious man!!:grin:

I believe so. I’ve tried out the treble app. It’s the same as in your tutorial (aonly).

It’s a G965F European version (NEE)


That’s weird, works fine on mine. Not sure what is going on, you did use image flash in TWRP right?


I believe so. I followed your tutorial and did the exact same thing at the exact same time. Flashed the zip files like its supposed to. But when I try to flash .img files it still says: “Cannot flash images to file systems”.

I went back to stock through Sammobile yesterday. Then I gave it another try. I rooted with Magisk and it succeeded. Then I tried again with GSI. Same problem :weary:


yeah Same problem (“Cannot flash images to file systems”) and cant find any solution online can anyone help ?


hello max i have boot loop in s9 plus g9650ds can you help me please


is the file ending in .img?


Try reflashing first. It took me 2 flashes to boot first time.


Yes The file does end in .img and yeah i tried reflashing more then 1 time ans still the same prob :frowning:


Does dual speaker support work?