Android file transfer app for Galaxy to MacOS

MacDroid is a professional Android file transfer app designed for Mac users who own an Android device, rather than an iPhone. It’s often difficult for Mac users to transfer data between Android and macOS, as the two are not designed to work together, which is where MacDroid can help.
Connect your Android to your Mac via USB

MacDroid Android file transfer for Mac allows you to connect your Android device (phone or tablet) to your Mac and access your device’s content in the Finder. From here you can quickly and easily transfer photos, music, videos, and other files - including entire folders - between your Mac and Android device, and vice versa. All you need is a USB cable to connect Android to Mac and MacDroid will take care of everything else.

  1. Once MacDroid is installed and opened, go to “Devices” in its main menu and connect your Android to Mac via USB.

  2. Give Mac access to your Android device

  3. Choose ADB (recommended) or MTP connection mode and follow all steps to allow your computer to access your Android data.

That’s all!

Your device is now connected - find it in Finder and transfer data between device and Mac. Best transfer files from android to mac


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