Android Bootloop


My android seem to have run into a boot loop for some reason, all i can do is enter into Safestrap TWRP and that all, I have a amazon fire phone running a custom rom Cm11 kodiak, i would have re-flashed the same rom but the issue is that i would lose my media files, i have searched over and over again on the internet to somehow save the data but all i got was to attach the phone via usb cable to the pc get adb installed open cmd type the code “adb pull/sdcard/TWRP TWRP” but i got nth accept a bunch of lines on the cmd prompt. Now i would very much want to save my media files, i have backed up the data using the TWRP but not sure about the internal data(images, videos) whereas most people say that its usually deleted when new rom is flashed


ok so i found another adb software which helped me pull the media files that i wanted…
but am not able to pull files that have space between 2 words like “Family Images” how do i post a command in the cmd to pull those type of files
i wrote this command “adb pull /sdcard/Family Images” but it failed saying that there is no file by that name