After TWRP Install, OP8 won't reboot into TWRP recovery mode in A11

I used instructions in the How to Install TWRP for OnePlus 8, flashing TWRP.img to recovery_a and recovery_b. It worked once and was able to create one backup. But now the phone goes to a different screen when I open recovery mode, I guess what some people are calling CrashDump, where it asks the language, then Wipe or Advanced options…It boots normally to Android OOS11.

Do I need to flash the TWRP.img file again in fastboot with ADB, then reboot and install the TWRP zip file from my computer? Can you send instructions for the last part?

After crash dump next is brick!
Be careful with that phone…one plus is really crazy phone…with different partitions order…i bricked my one plus 8 pro twice
And TWRP for OP8 series is still incomplete
Wait for better time

Thank you so much for replying! Now I have a problem where the Partitions are different. When I boot from SlotB, I get Lineage for MicroG working pretty well. When I got into TWRP and set it to boot from SlotA, I get a OOS11 bootloop. Can still use buttons to get into recovery mode and TWRP lets me switch back to the LOS slot.

I did copy the partitions [using these instructions]using these instructions before I sideloaded L4MG (Lineage for MicroG). After that, I reformatted both slots, I installed the L4MG .zip file inside TWRP, switched slots, and did it for the other partition.

Sorry for telling the story backwards. I understand different partitions can lead to big problems. Can you help?

I got it! While on SlotB, I just installed the L4MG .zip again, and it worked! Both slots now boot to LineageOS and don’t lose data.

Now i must tell You thanks
I also needed help with that shit
We kan try

…and last question…i can’t to open yours link
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