About the Introduce Yourself Here category

Welcome to the NEW HighOnAndroid Forum!

We did have a forum before but due to some server issues we had to recreate a new one from scratch.

While at it, we wanted focus more on the Android community, a place where you could ask questions and get answers from Max Lee, Greg Aul(our Chief Executive Repair Officer), and of course you can help too!

Basically this is a free Android community where we can all help each other whether that’s finding a new Android smartphone that’s just perfect for your needs or even trying to install a custom ROM.

This new community will be 100% ad-free because we feel information and knowledge is something you shouldn’t have to pay for by having to skim through annoying ads. We are planning some sort of pay service so we can generate some revenue on this new forum through paid Android repair services and through donations. Right now, we are just in the process of doing all that.

Anyways, welcome to the new free forum, we are going to start making it into a useful community for Android users.

In this category, please feel free to introduce yourself (if you want to) and thanks for visiting!