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This discussion is dedicated to the HighOnAndroid Android Root 101 Tutorials at HighOnAndroid.com written by Max Lee.


Hello Max! Awesome tutorial! A flip phone granny can follow you…almost. I am stuck and hoped for community guidance. Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T no SD slot. I am wiped and booted into TWRP using Odin. On my pc, windows 10 “My Computer” doesn’t show the Samsung devise in the usb port so I can copy Magisk then ROM to the devise. The devise manager shows SAMSUNG_Android. So I put the files on a thumb drive and plugged into devise micro adapter thingy like you suggest in your tutorial, but still nothing lists after I select “install” in TWRP on the Samsung.
In short, I cannot figure a way to load the necessary zip files into TWRP on my phone for installation. I tried redoing TWRP, and restarting computer, and loading other drivers on the off chance, cos your article did not include windows 10 in the list. So I added LG ones and what-nots. Ya, I know you just said huhn? Funny stuff. My TWRP screen looks just like yours. Any advise is much appreciated!