A BUG was found my Android Pie Oneplus 2


Yesterday I was enjoying all that Android 9 Pie has to offer, when all of a sudden the screen lost all color. Now I’m blasted to my childhood watching TV in Black and white. I’m not sure if anyone else, experienced this on their phone. It’s really difficult to see everything. Now I’m in my early Fifties, the time when our eyes have more difficulty to read. the black & white made me feel it more so. I hit on the computer to search for clues as to fix it.
I purchased this Oneplus 2 New. I’ve never experienced this ever before, I rooted it. My search ended, where i had to do a hard reset. The hard reset worked, at least for most of the day. Then all of a sudden it went Black & White again. Now I’m really frustrated. I went into twrp and reinstalled the original ROM. I’m So glad that I saved it. I thought of sharing this story you wonderful people. Maybe you experienced it as well.


You are probably in “Wind Down” mode. You can turn that off in Settings > Digital Wellbeing


Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try.