4a stuck in a loop

pixel 4a stuck no mater what i flash if i use the online tool if sideload ota i can get to google screen and it acts as if it wants to boot it just loops. The phone was acting kinda finickysome apps working some not so i rebooted it then this happend i was on android 11 using latest bliss rom now it always ends up saying no valid slot to boot. but alway apears to flassh succescfully i can post logs or what evefr info you need just someone please help me im at a lost i would apperciate it greatly! Thank you

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Did u try a full format data or erase userdata in fastboot??try that then use Android flash tool to reflash stock firmware then just start over I know it’s a pain but it’s best that way.

First go to Google firmware.com then go to factory firmware third and go to your device firmware and you will see next to your firmware you’ll see flash or download you want to click on flash and that is the Android flash tool itself and your phone the pixel 4A I don’t think you can go back to Android 10 I think it’s stuck on Android 11 but the way Google has their firmware you cannot it’s not it’s not real easy to root unless you use a patched image method. The most new custom roms you can sideload the custom roms with a special recovery so most of these most of the new ROMs come with special recoveries that allow you to sideload these wrong safely so I would just start completely fresh flasher factory firmware and then just start over that’s that’s the best thing you can do right now and just make sure it’s in fast boot mode or bootloader mode when you’re using the flash tool

Thanks for the reply Greg. I have done that though and and it says it flashed successfully but yet it still boots to google logo a few times over then into back to bootloader with fail reason being no valid slot to boot i have tried almost every version of factory images offered for the pixel 4a and you can go back to 10 if you been on 11 and root is achievable on both the way you described. Unless im forgetting some step along the way im irritated and confused at this point. I just dont get it what is going on and how can it be solved?